Shirley Brett Spangler
Program/Transition Coordinator

Our high school students have had the opportunity to work with Kenny A. in the school year 2013-14 and again in the current school year.   We learned about working as a team, being responsible, and what jobs might be available at graduation.  At our last group meeting with Kenny we did several team building exercises that the students really enjoyed.  The teamwork and ensuing discussion informed the students about the importance of working together to meet a common goal.  Kenny is thorough and inspirational and works well with high school age students and we look forward to working with him in the future.

Rod Baughman

Ken is a gifted communicator that engages and inspires students to be leaders and to make a difference.  His programs are high energy, high impact!  - Rod Baughman Meadowbrook Christian School

Darcy Stock
AmeriCorps Volunteer

Kenny A’s team building program was wonderful for my students. He is so full of energy and you can really tell when you walk into one of his programs that he cares about those he is helping. It can be hard sometimes to hold the attention of high school students, but he did it with ease. They absolutely loved the activities. It made them think while also being fun. I was also fortunate enough to have him as a facilitator in a Dave Ramsey class that I took last year. He brought all the enthusiasm and understanding necessary to push our class through to the finish line. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needed a facilitator for team building or that was interested in any other services that he provides.

Mitchell Haber

Ken is a consummate professional with a high level of care in providing services. He brings a wealth of experience to the table and his leadership, training and execution are superlative.

Roger Sheesley

Ken's enthusiasm and passion are unequalled. He lives through his heart and follows his dreams and goals tenaciously. Ken has an amazing can-do attitude and spreads his positive attitude contagiously. Ken's ability to inspire and lead comes from deep seeded values in just doing what is right. Ken has more energy in his pinky-finger than most people have in their whole being. When he applies that energy to a cause, there is no stopping him, or his team.

Kelly O'Brien Gavin

Ken did a presentation to high school students both regarding communications and motivation - he was an excellent presenter. The comments from the audience that were overheard were wonderful, positive and all commented that Ken would be a great speaker for sports teams, sales organizations, college students, etc. Ken was also entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed both events.

Tabitha Geise

Ken has been an incredible resource for me and I am so thankful our paths crossed when they did. He is an expert on ethical leadership and effective communication, and flawlessly made the transition from adult teaching to student teaching at BLSV and Meadowbrook Christian School's Mini-Course Day 2010. He's high energy, passionate, and speaks from the heart. I honestly believe there isn't anything he cannot achieve. I highly recommend Ken and cannot wait to hear him at our Building Leaders for the Susquehanna Valley 2010 Graduation Ceremony.

Renee and Jenny

We have had the pleasure of working with Kenny for a number of years.  He has conducted a few sessions with us for our Young Americans Program about communication, leadership and teamwork.  He is very passionate, open-minded and relates well to all age groups.  He always finds creative ways to get everyone involved and his messages are clear and concise. We enjoy working with Kenny!

Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce

Donna Bridge
President & CEO

Ken from Team Building US is an excellent leadership coach. He is able to ask the Question Behind the Question to get you to think about your leadership skills. I've had 2 sessions with Ken and he has challenged and stretched me to improve my skills. I look forward to sharing these skills with others on our team and mentoring them to become leaders.

Tim Keeley
Independent Creative Technologist

Energetic, charismatic, inspiring!  Not your everyday motivational speaker.  You will be fully engaged from beginning to end with teachings and exercises that are applicable in everyday living to develop and strengthen your leadership and communication skills whether dealing with home, work, friends, family, relationships, etc.